Free printable Petals coloring pages

Petals Coloring Pages has collected many drawings with the most beautiful parts of any flower - petals, which you can download or print for free for your children. On Earth, there is a huge variety of flowering plants in addition to the flowers themselves: trees, shrubs, even some types of algae in the process of evolution have learned to bloom. Therefore, it is difficult even to imagine how many different petals there are in the world. They differ in color, shape, density and aroma. For example, a water lily petal is several times thicker than a garden phlox petal or an apple blossom. First of all, petals are needed in order to attract pollinators to the plant. In response to a certain color or smell, insects fly from flower to flower, carrying pollen. Coloring the proposed pictures, little artists can try to guess which flower this or that petal belongs to. And besides, here you can give free rein to imagination and use absolutely any shades.

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