Rain coloring pages

Free printable Rain coloring pages

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Coloring Pages Rain in all its glory show children one of the most common natural phenomena on the planet. From the heat of the sun, water evaporates from the surface of reservoirs and rises up in the form of steam. There, small droplets collect, forming small clouds or huge clouds. Gradually, the water cools down, small drops combine into large ones and fall down under their own weight. This is rain. It can be small and large, short or long, cold and warm. Rain is very beneficial for the Earth and its inhabitants. It washes away dirt from city streets, fills rivers and seas, gives life-giving moisture to plants, and purifies the air. After the rain, you can run through the puddles, launch paper boats, admire the rainbow. To color the pictures from this page, you will need blue and blue paints for the clouds and the rain itself. And the rest of the palette will help color characters caught in the rain, their umbrellas, raincoats and rubber boots.