Free printable Summer coloring pages

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In the section Summer coloring pages pictures with the images of the warmest season are collected. Though all summer months are associated with solar heat, abundance of greens and flowers, each of them has is own features. So, June is characterized by blossoming of vital energy in the nature: trees are covered with dense kroner of juicy green leaves, in fields it is possible to reap an early crop, tasty berries are ready to please children with the long-awaited unique taste. For now there are no berries, let your kid will decorate coloring pages with their image, allow him to feel notes of summer mood, download and print for him coloring pages about Summer!

July - a median of summer. On July 22 the day of a summer solstice is celebrated, and night is the shortest in year. In the afternoon usually happens very hot, and people look forward the refreshing rain, than just July is rich. And how many joy is brought to children by the rainbow replacing a rain! It seems as if the kind wizard has ornamented the sky wonderful bright paints, and each kid can visit his role, having taken in hand water color and summer coloring pages with the image of a rainbow.

August days, as a rule, not such hot, but still as in summer warm and solar. Nights become much fresher, unostentatiously reminding of the coming cold weather. Already from the middle of the month the part of foliage on trees gains yellow color and falls down, some birds fly away to the South, and children begin to prepare for school. And summer coloring pages will help kids to pass away rainy evenings, leaving pleasant heat and cheerful mood!

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