Crown coloring pages - a collection of images of special headdresses that can only be worn by selected persons - kings and queens, princes and princesses. Since ancient times, the crown has been a sign of great power. The history of these headdresses goes back to those distant centuries, when they were worn by powerful rulers of ancient Rome and ancient Egypt. In different peoples, this cult object looked differently. For example, the chiefs of Indian tribes confirm their title by wearing a colorful headdress decorated with feathers, ribbons and bright beads. Roman emperors placed wreaths on their heads. And European rulers preferred crowns made of precious metals - gold and silver. Crowns can look quite simple, but more often they are richly decorated with a scattering of precious stones. Even in our time, in some countries there is a tradition to wear a crown. Nowadays, however, heads of state wear them only on especially important occasions or on big state holidays. We have collected the best Crown coloring pages that you can print for free for your kids.a

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