Graffiti coloring pages - a collection of images that reveal to young artists the world of modern street art. For the first time the direction of Graffiti appeared in America in New York. In the sixties of the 20th century on the walls and fences began to appear colorful inscriptions. At first it was slogans, short succinct phrases or just names. But over time, the new trend began to actively develop. Street artists found new ways of depicting letters, for example, making lines of different thickness or supplementing the inscriptions with shadows. Gradually the images of letters began to neighbor with geometric figures, and later the inscriptions were accompanied by drawings. Graffiti had more and more followers and admirers. Bright images decorated subway stations, subway cars, cars left on the street. It was considered a special chic to leave your work in a hard-to-reach place, for example, on a bridge or a guarded parking lot. Today, graffiti-style drawings and inscriptions can be found on the streets of almost any city in the world. We have collected the best graffiti coloring pages that you can print for free for your kids.

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