Free printable Kissy Missy coloring pages

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Kissy Missy coloring pages for sure will love the little fans of computer games. After all, this funny and slightly creepy person with long limbs and a mouth full of sharp teeth is one of the characters in a popular game of horror. Kissy Missy is the best friend of the game's main villain, the blue Huggy Wuggy. In the story, he wanders around the toy factory and hugs everyone he meets. It seems what a sweet and friendly creature. But there's a "but" - after Huggy Waggy hugs, no one has been found yet. Kissy Missy has only appeared occasionally in the game so far, so it's unknown if she will help the blue monster or those who escape it. In general, the monster girl is pink, but children can color her in any color. Choose your favorite Kissy Missy coloring pages and print them out in A4 format for free.

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