Free printable Kissy Missy coloring pages

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Kissy Missy coloring pages are sure to delight young fans of horror video games. This peculiar and somewhat eerie character, with elongated limbs and razor-sharp teeth, is a popular figure in a horror-themed game. Kissy Missy is the trusty sidekick of the game's primary antagonist, the blue Huggy Wuggy, who wanders through a toy factory hugging everyone he encounters. On the surface, Huggy Wuggy appears to be a friendly and affable creature. However, there's a catch - no one has ever been seen again after receiving one of his hugs.

Kissy Missy has made only occasional appearances in the game so far, and it's unclear whether she'll aid the blue monster or those who manage to escape it. The monster girl is generally pink in color, but children are free to color her in any shade they like. They can select their preferred Kissy Missy coloring pages and print them out in A4 format without charge.

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