Notes coloring pages invite little artists to plunge into the world of another beautiful art form - music. Children know that to write words there are letters, to represent numbers they use digits. And musical notes are needed to transfer the sound of a piece of music to paper. Notation appeared a long time ago. Even in ancient times, musicians thought about how to preserve the melodies they composed. For this purpose they invented a special system of recording symbols, which in our time are called notes. Musical notes are written on specially ruled sheets of paper. Five parallel lines are a musical staff, on which the location of each note depends on its sound. The height of the icon on the ruler corresponds to the pitch of the sound it represents. Also, anyone familiar with musical notation can determine the duration of each note, the order of its sounding, and the tempo of the entire piece by looking at the musical notation. We have collected the best Music Notes coloring pages that you can print for free for your kids.

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