Pikachu coloring pages - a series of images of a funny character of computer games and anime "Pokemon". This amazing creature lives in a fictional universe with other Pokémon. He loves to play, have fun, gladly communicates with his brethren, spends a lot of time with his trainer, a boy named Ash. Pikachu's appearance resembles a rabbit, a mouse and a squirrel at the same time. The animal is quite well-fed, with a large tail that looks like a zigzag of lightning. The main color of the character is yellow. There are brown spots on the back, black marks on the tips of the long ears, and bright red cheeks. By the way, behind the cheeks is the main secret of Pikachu. These are special pockets in which electricity is accumulated. When fighting an opponent, Pikachu can suddenly strike him with a powerful electric shock. Pikachu has good control over his power, but sometimes when he gets scared, he can cause a violent thunderstorm. We have collected the best Pikachu coloring pages that you can print for free for your kids.

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