Bamboo coloring pages - introduces children to a unique plant that can be found in regions with subtropical and tropical climates. Despite its impressive size and one-tree trunk, bamboo is not a tree. The plant belongs to the cereal family, so the tall stems are nothing but grass. Bamboo grows faster than any other plant on the globe. Every day it grows by 10 centimeters, and the record that was recorded by scientists - more than 1 meter per day. Bamboo blooms only once in a lifetime. It spends so much energy on flowering that it wilts immediately afterward. Sometimes entire bamboo fields die off after flowering. Bamboo is used in many applications because of its strength and rich chemical composition. Stems are used to make furniture and musical instruments. Parts of the plant are added to various dishes, and also used to make medicines and cosmetics. In the East, the plant is considered a symbol of longevity and health and is very valued.

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