Fox coloring pages

Free printable Fox coloring pages

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In the fox coloring page you will find many pictures of a cunning, smart and very beautiful predatory animal. The fox's appearance is very recognizable: a sharp muzzle, ears on the top of the head, slanting narrowed eyes, a tail of extraordinary beauty. And yet, many children, due to lack of knowledge, when they meet, may confuse a fox with a dog and be imprudent. The fox is endowed with a whole arsenal of tools that serve her a good help during the hunt. This is a keen hearing, and excellent vision, and a remarkable mind, thanks to which this beast builds up whole chains of events and moves, confuses its tracks and in most cases leaves the victim no chance of salvation. Their diet is quite varied: mice, hares and rabbits, fish, poultry, vegetables, some fruits. Looking at the good-natured images of the fox in the coloring pages, it is difficult to imagine that this beast is capable of killing another creature, but in fact this is not cruelty, but the law of survival that nature invented.

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