Bumblebee coloring pages

Free printable Bumblebee coloring pages

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Bumblebee coloring pages will appeal to fans of fantastic robots and incredible adventures. Bumblebee is the most beloved character in famous cartoons about the emergence and life of Transformers. It doesn't look like other cars. It is colored with yellow and black stripes, compared to other autobots - small in size. And they call him the Hornet, born on the planet Cybertron. He is a very friendly, well-mannered and peaceful car. Our hero is distinguished by cunning, ingenuity and courage. Knows how to transform into a Chevrolet racing car. Develops incredible speed, performs the work of a spy the fastest and finds any thing. Participates in the most dangerous and difficult special operations. Appearing on our planet, Bumblebee protects and protects earthlings. He tries to reconcile the warring people and calm the warring people.

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