Monkey coloring pages and bright watercolors are irreplaceable friends of every child, with their help he can dream up and create his own unique world of animals. The monkey is an amazingly intelligent creature. There is a known case when one very smart monkey managed to pass an intelligence test with a result equal to the average human result. But, no matter how much we have similarities with monkeys, one difference is undeniable - even the most intellectually developed monkey is not able to learn to speak, since the brain of this animal lacks a center responsible for speech. Contrary to popular myth, the diet of monkeys consists not only of bananas, some types of monkeys are almost omnivorous, they eat various plants, and lizards, and molluscs and much more. In zoos, monkeys attract the close attention of all visitors, without exception. And the cheerful, perky disposition and remarkable ingenuity will not leave anyone indifferent!

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