Free printable Wombat coloring pages

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Wombat coloring pages are dedicated to another inhabitant of Australia. This funny animal looks like a clumsy teddy bear or a huge hamster. The animal has a dense body, a large head, and short, powerful paws. Interestingly, the skin on the back of the body is much thicker and stronger than on the rest of the body. It looks more like a shell. This allows wombats to escape predators. They hide in their burrows and seal the entrance with their body and expose their hindquarters. Wombats live underground, digging long corridors. They come to the surface when it's dark and eat grass, roots, mosses and mushrooms. The page contains many different images of the wombat, among which children will choose their favorite. Choose your favorite Wombat coloring pages and print them for free in A4 format.

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