Flamingo coloring pages

Free printable Flamingo coloring pages

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Flamingo Coloring Pages are black and white pictures of an unusually graceful bird. Flamingos are large and beautiful birds that live in the warm countries of Africa and South America. They are easy to spot thanks to their delicate pink coloration, short tail and downward curving beak. Birds live in flocks of 200 individuals. Flamingos' nests are made in the form of turrets made of stones and mud, with the addition of feathers. Females lay one egg at a time and incubate the chick for about a month. Today, flamingos are protected from poachers around the world. In total, there are about 6 species of birds and they are all listed in the Red Book. Choose the flamingo coloring pages you like and then print them in A4 size.

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