Turkeys coloring pages

Free printable Turkey coloring pages

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Turkey coloring pages will surely please your children. After all, they depict the largest poultry. The Turkeys got their name from the Mayan Indians, they were the first to tame these beautiful birds. Females are slightly smaller than males and outwardly not so beautiful. But the color of males will be the envy of other birds. They have bright, multi-colored plumage: light brown, white, bronze, green. The bushy tail looks like an open fan. There are pink growths on the beard and head, with them the turkey scares other domestic birds. In fact, a turkey is a kind bird, and it does not know how to fly as it should. But in case of danger, she can run very quickly, she has strong legs and clawed paws. Choose your favorite Inyuk coloring pages, and then print them for free for your children.

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