Free printable Stork coloring pages

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Stork Coloring Pages is a page that has collected images of a very recognizable bird. A small head with a straight long beak, a narrow elongated neck, a large body, wide wings, thin legs - this is the description of the stork. Depending on the species, birds can live near water bodies, as well as build nests in trees and even on rooftops. Storks often live in swamps. The webbing between the toes allows the birds to move freely even in the most swampy places. The favorite food of birds is frogs, snakes, insects, mice, worms, snakes. The stork has long been considered a symbol of new life. He is often depicted carrying a baby in a bundle. Children can color the stork in standard black and white colors, or give it an unusual look. Download or print free Stork coloring pages that you like best.

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