Bendy and the Ink Machine coloring pages - takes the kids into an atmospheric creepy game that takes place in an abandoned cartoon studio. The protagonist of the game receives a message from his longtime friend. He invites him to come to the studio where they once worked together. But when he arrives there, Henry discovers that no one is waiting for him. He decides to go around the room and figure out what happened. But the further the hero moves, the clearer he realizes that the matter is unclean. The rooms are in ruin, on the walls are incomprehensible frightening symbols, and ink is spilled everywhere. In order to find the answers and get out, Henry will have to solve many puzzles and go through dozens of difficult challenges. He will need all his quick wit, dexterity and courage, because he will meet with unusual and not always kind creatures. Bendy is one of the main characters in the game. This is a black and white devil with horns and a wide grin. In addition to him, on the coloring pages, children will meet the wolf Boris and the angel Alice. We have collected the best Bendy and the ink machine coloring pagescoloring pages that you can print for free for your kids.

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