Optimus Prime coloring pages - dedicated to one of the main characters in comics and films about huge intelligent machines from a distant planet. Optimus Prime is the undisputed leader of the Transformers. He is an excellent warrior, but at the same time he is kind and knows how to show concern and compassion. This huge robot considers the protection of all living things to be its primary task. That is why he is fighting the Decepticons, who dream of conquering the Earth and enslaving humanity. Optimus Prime always strives to resolve the conflict peacefully, but if this fails, he boldly goes into battle. He is very strong, wise, keeps calm and clarity of mind even in the most difficult situations. The Autobots respect their leader immensely, are loyal to him, and take pride in fighting under his leadership. Little artists will need blue, red and white to paint Optimus Prime in his familiar form. But you can change the image of the mighty robot by using other combinations. We have collected for you an excellent collection of Optimus Prime Coloring Pages, which you can download or print in A4 format for free.

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