Dinosaurs coloring pages

Free printable Dinosaurs coloring pages

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Dinosaurs coloring pages are great collection of images with the most ancient reptiles inhabiting our planet many years ago. The last of dinosaurs, according to the assumption of paleontologists, have died out 65 million years ago. Download or print coloring pages with dinosaurs for your kids, they will be unambiguously glad to color these prehistoric animals.

Dinosaurs existed about 150 million years during three geological periods - the Triassic, the Jurassic Period and the Cretaceous. Some dinosaurs were small sizes, they were no more than chickens. Others were huge: they were bigger than any other animals living on Earth today.

Scientists have found many remains of these beings on all planet. They are exposed on a public inspection in many museums where you and your children can see them, and then download printable coloring pages with dinosaurs. Here you can do it absolutely free of charge.

In this section you can find predatory dinosaurs: Tiranozavr, Allozavr, Dilofozavr, Velotseraptor, etc., and herbivorous: Diplodocus, Tritseratops, Brontosaur, etc. There are also coloring pages with flying and water dinosaurs.

Present to your kids a holiday. Hand them pencils or water color, and let they dream up and decorate these mysterious reptiles.

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