Thor coloring pages

Free printable Thor coloring pages

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  • thor-coloring-pages-for-boys-2
  • thor-coloring-pages-for-boys-3
  • thor-coloring-pages-for-boys-4
  • thor-coloring-pages-for-boys-5
  • thor-coloring-pages-for-boys-6
  • thor-coloring-pages-for-boys-7
  • thor-coloring-pages-for-boys-8
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Thor coloring pages will introduce children and parents to the heroes of Scandinavian myths. Black and white comic book images attract with unusual characters and events. God of fertility and prosperity, young Thor is known for crushing strength, stubborn disposition and arrogance. One day, the arrogance and obstinacy of a hero put the kingdom's power in jeopardy. King Odin got angry and decided to re-educate the disobedient son. A strict father deprives the young god of inexhaustible strength, divine gift and sends him to Earth. Thor sets out on a journey with a formidable weapon - a hammer. In the world of ordinary people, the young man changes, becomes like those around him. On Earth, he finds friends and meets the gentle beauty Jane, whom he loved with all his soul.

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