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Free printable Winx club coloring pages


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Winx club coloring pages are pictures from popular Italian cartoon serial about Blum and her close friends Fairies. They call themselves Winx club which are ready to go to uncountable set of adventures together. Throughout cartoon Fairies Winks find for themselves new transformations: harmonix, sirenix, bloomix, believix.

Winx club coloring pages are free images of group of fairies (which can be downloaded and printed) organized Bloom at the beginning of the first season. Initially the Winx Club consisted of five fairies: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna. In the second season Layla has joined them.

In general 6 seasons of popular animated cartoon about Winx club have been removed. They tell about fairies adventures, about their study at Alfea school, about their opposition to the forces of evil and about their private life.

All Winx club coloring pages for girls can be downloaded and printed. Girls are crazy about this cartoon and therefore they, certainly, with pleasure will color the favorite heroines of this serial.

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