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Free printable Snow White coloring pages

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Snow White coloring pages are images from Disney's cartoon Snow White and the seven dwarfs which has been shot in 1937. Its basis is a fairy tale of Brothers Grimm. Snow White is the youngest princess of Disney, she is only 14 years old.

« Mirror, mirror, tell me, who is the most beautiful in the world?", - every person has heard this expression which is Snow White`s quote. Her angry stepmother very often asked this question to the mirror, hoping to hear that she is the most beautiful of beauties. But the mirror was very honest and uttered only truthful words, he said that the most charming girl on Earth is Snow White. The woman has been very angered by such answer, she forced the Snow White to do the hardest work, and once she has even attempted upon life of a defenseless girl. But our heroine has found a shelter at little forest dwarfs whose names were Dopy, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc. They have sheltered the little girl in the dwelling, but the spiteful woman has reached also that place. The villain has poisoned the Snow White therefore she has fallen asleep very sound sleep. As it was conceived by the stepmother dwarfs should think that the Snow White is dead and bury her alive. But lovely dwarfs haven't decided to bury the Snow White who has become native, and have only built for her a glass coffin. This and many others episodes from the cartoon the Snow White and coloring pages about them you can download and print for girls and boys absolutely free.

Fortunately, on this sad note the history don't come to an end. Prince Ferdinand who was looking for the darling everywhere after all has achieved the objectives and has found the Snow White. His kiss has recovered the beauty and has taken away in strange lands to live long and happily.

Snow White is one of charming princesses of Disney - kind, pretty and very beautiful. Download or print coloring pages with the princess Snow White for your daughter, let she color a favorite heroine in various colors.

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