In the section Catfish coloring pages you will meet pictures with the image of an unusual freshwater predatory fish that has no scales and a large number of fins. The catfish has a disproportionately large head, many teeth and long whiskers that help this fish to find food even in the dark. The color of catfish comes in different colors, from very dark to light yellow, very rarely there are white catfish. Catfish is a desirable prey for fishermen. After all, he is practically boneless, and the meat is considered dietary, recommended to eat for people who care about figure and health. But catching a catfish is not so easy. The fact is that it lives at the very bottom of the reservoir, in its deepest pits, and the deeper the pit, the larger the catfish living in it. Interestingly, during a thunderstorm, catfish swim to the surface of the water, and this is another feature that strongly distinguishes them from other fish. And in winter they go into hibernation like bears, burying their heads in the mud and not hunting at all.

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