Dolphin coloring pages

Free printable Dolphin coloring pages

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Dolphin coloring pages are great outline images with one of the most playful and clever animals on our planet. Dolphins live in water, but they aren't fishes, they are mammals. These beautiful creatures can't breathe in water as fishes because they have no gills. They should emerge on a surface to inhale air. There are different species of dolphins in the world. The most known are Afilana and Killer whale. Children very much love these animals, and they for certain will be delighted if you download or print for them Dolphin coloring pages.

The biggest dolphin - Killer whale reaches 7,5 meters in length and weighs more than 4 tons. The least dolphin grows up a little more than 1 meters long and about 40 kg weigh. Dolphins communicate by scratches, twitter, hiss, etc..

Dolphins are social animals. The pack consists from 5 to 30 individuals. Young dolphins are called calfs. Man's individuals are called bulls, and female - cows. They mostly eat small fish, and also squids. Big dolphins eat other mammals, such as penguins and seals.  Boys and girls often can meet dolphins in circus or oceanariums. This animal very well makes contact with people, in particular with children. Present to your kid pleasure and fun, download or print dolphin coloring pages for him. Brush and colors give kids big pleasure and happiness, and also develop creative talents.

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