Masha and The Bear coloring pages

Free printable Masha and The Bear coloring pages

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Masha and The Bear coloring pages are is black-and-white images of heroes of the animated film of the same name. Masha and The Bear is rather new animated film, but already has managed to find huge popularity among not only initial target audience – children, but also their parents.

Masha is famous for love to caramel on a stick, likes to jump in a bucket, adores playing with Bear`s household things which aren't intended for game at all: awards, pans, books and other. She strikes with the inquisitiveness and tires Bear out. "What is it?", "How?", "Where?", "Why?" – are favorite Masha`s questions.

Once the senior main character of Masha and The Bear coloring pages was a circus actor, but now he leads a settled life in the quiet and peaceful wood. He has a cozy sound log hut and the pure cleaned yard, accurate beds with juicy carrot and a close formation of bee lodges. Masha and The Bear coloring pages contain images of this idyll. But once the mad whirlwind of mischief, laughter and fun by the name of Masha has rushed into measured Bear`s life. And Bear`s new life has begun… The serious Bear doesn't encourage Masha`s entertainment and constantly tries to re-educate it, but the little girl continues to misbehave in each new series of the cartoon. The Bear fascinated by Masha`s charm can't long becomes angry about her and eventually love her with good paternal feelings.

Masha and The Bear coloring pages will be interesting for kids of Canada, France and Switzerland, this cartoon is well-known to their inhabitants. To download and print coloring pages about Masha and The Bear you can right now, it is free also without registration. 

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