Free printable Pike coloring pages

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Pike coloring pages - pictures for coloring a dangerous river and lake predator. The pike is a fairly large predator. The average body size is about a meter. The fish has a long head with a jaw extended forward. Moreover, the lower jaw protrudes forward stronger than the upper one. Because of this, the lower sharp fangs are visible, and the predator looks menacing. Small silvery-green scales cover the entire body. The back is dark olive-gray or gray-brown. The abdomen is lighter, and on the sides there are dark green stripes, which, along with an elongated body, similar to an arrow, immediately distinguish the pike from the rest of the fish. The predator lives in fresh water bodies with stagnant water or weak currents. The pike is very voracious. It feeds mainly on fish, but it can eat a frog, a lizard and even a mouse that decided to swim in the pond. Using pencils or felt-tip pens, you can color the picture of the pike in any color of the rainbow. To do this, you just need to choose the coloring that suits you, and then download or print it in A4 format.

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