Free printable Rainbow coloring pages

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Rainbow coloring pages will help your kids to get acquainted closer with this unique natural phenomenon. For this purpose you only need to download or print specially prepared coloring pages with the image of rainbow. Coloring of printable pictures allows children to dream and develop thinking.

The rainbow is a real miracle of the nature which can be seen after a warm and heavy rain, it collected all palette of colors. The rainbow in different beliefs is associated with gate to Paradise, the bridge between heaven and earth, climbing a rainbow it is possible to get to the country of fairy tales.

Painting a rainbow, your kid can dream about the one who lives in this fairy tale, perhaps, these are birds of paradise? And maybe, magicians with transparent wings? The kid will be able to study colors and to understand that bright colors are cheerful mood, joyful feelings and holiday.

If you download or print for your kid our rainbow coloring pages, they will have a unique opportunity to study all colors and their sequence.

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