Vases coloring pages - a collection dedicated to vessels that have long served to decorate the interior. Thousands of years ago, people began to make clay vessels in which to store grain, spices, other loose products, as well as liquids. Over time, craftsmen learned to give vessels a variety of shapes, put on them drawings and carvings. They began to be used for decoration of temples, rich houses and gardens adjacent to them. For more beauty in vases began to put fresh flowers. The craftsmen were constantly improving their skills. Many vases are covered with such intricate and elegant designs that they are of great value and are housed in museums and private collections. Nowadays vases are made of clay, porcelain, glass, wood, and natural stone. In this section, children will find many vases: large and small, with drawings and ornaments. Coloring a vase with flowers for children will be even more interesting, because there is much more room for imagination. Download or print coloring Vases on our site you can quickly and for free.

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