Wizard coloring pages present to the attention of little artists images of the character, which is quite often found in fairy tales and cartoons. Most often the wizard is represented in the form of a stately gray-haired old man. He has a long white beard, pointed hat, a cloak painted with magical symbols and a magic wand or magic staff in his hands. The wizard is very wise and can always give the right advice. He can also brew potions, see the past and future in a crystal ball and fulfill wishes. Little artists will surely remember the Wizard of Emerald City or the great Merlin from the stories of King Arthur's adventures. To create the image of a real wizard, children only need to choose any favorite image from this section and stock up on pencils or paints. What will be the wizard, strict or cheerful, young or old, the child will decide for himself. We have prepared for you an excellent collection of coloring pages of the Wizard, which you can download for free or print in A4 format.

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