Willow coloring pages will introduce children to the tree, which is often found on the banks of rivers, ponds and lakes. The tree prefers moist soil, so it grows near fresh water bodies. There are more than 500 species of willow in the world, but the most famous variety is the weeping willow. Willow is a rather large tree with thin, flexible, hanging down branches. It is she who often becomes the heroine of legends, legends and fairy tales. And the willow really cries. At night or in the early morning, water droplets appear on its leaves, very similar to tears. This is the willow's way of getting rid of the excess liquid that the roots absorb. But this is a scientific explanation. The inhabitants of ancient Russia believed that in the tree lives the spirit of a girl who long ago lost her soulmate and now mourns him, leaning over the water surface. Willow is a very useful tree. Medicinal decoctions based on willow bark help to cure colds, lower fever, stop bleeding. And also from willow branches weave baskets, furniture, jewelry for the house. Choose your favorite willow coloring pages and print them for free.

Choose your favorite Willow coloring pages and print for free

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